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Sacrificial Savior :icondolly-lo:Dolly-Lo 0 0
This Time Last Year
It was so innocent, new friendship and new love
Shy glances and secret messages shared between two strangers
Light as air, the clouds couldn't touch that feeling
You were my love and I was yours
We were going to conquer the world
It seems so far away, this time last year
:icondolly-lo:Dolly-Lo 0 0
Temptation brings them to this point again
Touch and lips and tongue
Hands graze as they walk past
Act nonchalant, but stomachs turn, hearts race
Never before has one slight touch caused such a feeling
Across a room their eyes meet again
Caressing, stroking, blood is boiling
The same sweet fantasy
Only imagination, but he unknowingly licks his lips
She takes a deep breath
Both trying to stay grounded
Both thinking “I’ll rip you to shreds”
No lips, no tongue, but close enough for now
:icondolly-lo:Dolly-Lo 0 0
Look. It all starts with a look
Instant shock of attraction
Images of two bodies as one
Wanting touch, wanting lips, wanting tongue
Eyes bore into one another
Lust apparent in their eyes
But there’s a catch
Another boy, another girl, two already existing worlds blocking entrance into another
Touch is forbidden
Thoughts of kissing soft lips abandoned
Tongues fighting for dominance lost
But oh how they want it
:icondolly-lo:Dolly-Lo 0 1
Is There Any Sanity in This?
Yell and fight and scream
You’re this close to hitting me
I’m this close to kicking you
I can’t wait to leave you
Away from you is freedom, away from you are blue skies and sunshine
But your smile is my sunshine
Your arms, my safe haven
Your laugh, my joy
This doesn’t make sense
Without you I would find relief
This war between happiness and heart ache would finally be over
I could start life anew
Away…then I remember
There is comfort in the sound of you
The smell of you
The taste of you
I can hardly stand it
Is there any sanity in this?
:icondolly-lo:Dolly-Lo 0 0
Away From You
Driving away from you
I've never felt so lost, or so free
Call it running or being afraid
But I can breathe now
Taking in the scent of a new beginning
Loving every minute of the strange and unfamiliar
I am content in my confusion
Complete in my disarray
:icondolly-lo:Dolly-Lo 0 3
Just Another Day
Disappearing from these peoples lives
It’s all the same
The promise of forever as dependable as wind staying in one place
Always slipping
Always falling too hard, loving too much
Only to be forgotten
Left in the recesses of a once undeniable love
Your smile was my sunshine
Your laughter once my comfort
Your silence once my pain
Now you’ve never existed
We’ve never met. I’ve never known you
Almost believable, except for the scar
Just another day
:icondolly-lo:Dolly-Lo 0 1
Just for Fun
Love will shatter your heart and crush your soul
Then ask you out to play
Love will taunt you with its promises of happiness
Fingers crossed behind its back
Love will dangle itself in front of you
Oh the anticipation of wanting and not having
Or worse, having without satisfaction
Or, even worse, loving and not having love returned
Oh! The pains of unrequited love
Love is the truest form of sadism and masochism
And yet we return for more
Drawn despite the impending doom
:icondolly-lo:Dolly-Lo 0 3
i think my forks are done by Dolly-Lo i think my forks are done :icondolly-lo:Dolly-Lo 0 1 Darling, Lets go dancing by Dolly-Lo Darling, Lets go dancing :icondolly-lo:Dolly-Lo 0 1
Breathe me
Feel me
Touch me
Hurt me
Break me
Leave me
Love me
Save me
Take me
I'm yours.
:icondolly-lo:Dolly-Lo 1 4


emotions with longer names
"Why are you holding a camera?" Her eyes flickered to look at his. She possessed no poker face—her discomfort made him smile, even now.
"I don't know," replied a disembodied voice. The sound of his words made his heart beat faster, made the memories come rushing back in some horrific nightmarish image of a carnival ride.
She displayed her white teeth to him in an awkward smile, the flashing red light reflected in her eyes. They weren't looking at the camera—they were looking at him.
"Talk to me," he said, loving to film the shape of her face in all that silence but knowing her awkward quirks.
"I don't know what to say." Her voice was quieter than normal, and scarlet stop signs were ebbing at her cheeks.
"Say anything," he commanded in a voice heavy with anticipation. His vowels were richer than a gourmet bagel caked in strawberry cheesecake cream cheese.
She bit her lip, and he could see the cartoon bubble appearing above her furrowed brow—I'm thinking.
"John Cusack," she whispe
:iconfriedpickles:FriedPickles 751 256
'What if?'
"You like him, don't you?"
"Woah, where the heck did you come from?"
"You'd think that you'd be used to that by now."
"You'd think."
"You didn't answer my question."
"Yeah, I was planning on distracting you to avoid it, and now I forgot what you said."
"Liar. But I'm repeating it anyways. You like him, don't you?"
"You know who."
"I don't like him, he's more like a brother."
"What if pigs flew?"
"What do pigs have to do with my feelings?"
"I don't know. What if he were the last man on Earth?"
"Are we playing the what if game?"
"What if we were?"
"Ok, that's a yes. If he were the last man on Earth, I wouldn't have much of a choice now, would I? But then again, man normally refers to human, and..."
"What if he loved you?"
"...Well, it wouldn't really matter, would it?"
"What if it did?"
"Are you implying something?"
"No, you're infering something."
"Stop using words, you're hurting my brain."
"Brain? What brain?"
"Don't push it."
"If he did,
:iconfera-nai:fera-nai 181 120
whatnot by optical-flare whatnot :iconoptical-flare:optical-flare 1,295 83
Mature content
Affair with the Boss- Part 12 :iconsouthernrose42189:SouthernRose42189 9 12




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